After years visiting the most popular growing  marijuana forums, we were frustrated with locals trying to get weed for medicinal purposes and others but can due to policy of a license put in place. 

We decided it was time to build a website to shar how easy it is for anyone on almost any budget to grow their own cannabis indoors.l We wanted to provide a resource with no login or account required, and instead just provide easy-to-access growing information for the world.

If you ar looking to buy marijuana in bud form, hash, cookies, brownies, tinctures or butter, we got it right here just browse our shop and make your choose. We also exceed your expectations with our amazing selection and quality of food products that are baked with the finest ingredients and set at a cost you can afford. Our chef is a professional  cook and our growers have been growing the finest weed that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. We have only the best marijuana for sale that contains actual THC in all our products. Since 2014, we have been the top destination for all your medical marijuana needs. We have been in the medical marijuana community for the past 5 years, and possess a passion for truly helping our patients receive the optimum relief through medical marijuana. We pride ourselves on our superior customer services assisting you, the patient with whatever questions or concerns you may have through every step of the ordering process. We put the customer first and pride ourselves off of our many repeat lifelong customers and the relationships we have developed along the way.

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All medical cannabis seeds have some form of therapeutic quality, catering for all types of condition. The two main genetic varieties are Indica and Sativa, offering different beneficail ailments depending on the condition you are looking to treat. Sativa dominant medical strains, for example, are known for their uplifting capabilities and are common for the treatment of depression and chronic fatigue. They are a great choice for daytime smoking for this very reason.

Indica dominant medical strains are the exact opposite, offering much more narcotic, body stone, with powerful pain relieving qualities. This is thanks to the higher levels of CBD (Cannabidiol) which aids in body relaxation and pain management and is most commonly used in the treatment of insomina.

If you’ve hear the term ‘couch lock’ used in a stone description it’s in reference to that relaxed feeling of not being able to move from the couch, something we’re sure most tokers have experienced and which is of both varieties and generally offer the best of both worlds to many patients.

With so many medical strains available both beginners and more experienced users will find the filters on the left hand side helpful to refine your search. The search results can be honed to find the perfect seeds for your requirement. If you can’t find the strain your are looking for please drop us a line via the contact form.